Residential Services

DeLong Landscaping surpasses industry standards for both commercial and residential property maintenance when measured in terms of quality and care that goes into each landscape.

DeLong Landscaping holds itself to the highest standards in the industry. Our mission is to always act, work, look, and be professional. Sporting regularly cleaned equipment and late model trucks guided by able employees with professional attire.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

We don’t just mow and go. Delong lawn maintenance includes lawn mowing, trimming around all obstacles inaccessible to our mowers,edging all paved surfaces, and cleaning up all grass clippings from driveway, sidewalk, and street.  This creates a clean and manicured look every time. We also pick up trash, larger sticks, and always finish the job leaving a striped healthy turf. We inspect, sharpen and change blades daily to insure your lawn gets a clean cut.

Spring Clean Up

After a long season of wintery weather it is nice to have your property look great again. Our spring clean up service offers all the services needed to clean up your landscape and return it to tip-top shape.

Any fallen branches will be cleaned up and disposed of, we will repair disrupted turf damaged from snow plows, dethatch and aerate your turf to restore the proper oxygen and nutrient levels. This spring clean up service also includes bed edging. Many customer choose to also order mulch as a part of this service. Please contact us with any questions and to schedule an estimate.

Fall Clean Up


As autumn arrives leaves begin to fall, DeLong Landscaping has the tools and expertise to take care of even the biggest leaf removals in a timely and cost effective manor. We invest in only top of the line leaf blowers, vacuums, and loaders that leave your entire landscape healthy and leaf-free for next spring.We begin by clearing all garden beds, grass and pavement areas with high velocity leaf blowers blowing them into piles along street for municipal pickup. For areas that do not have municipal leaf pickup, hauling and disposing of leaf debris is available for an extra fee.

We will pick up and remove any sticks, mulch or ground cover that has blown into lawn. Lastly we will use our mowers to give your lawn a clean winter-ready cut by bagging the clippings and disposing of them for you.

Snow and Ice Management

As a property owner in the Detroit area having a snow removal contract for your driveway and walkways is always a must. With snow removal service from DeLong landscaping you can be assured that snow will be removed from all traffic areas and placed neatly into piles along the borders.

To insure things go as smoothly as possible we have employees working with all of our customers coordinating the process and responding to special requests during even the biggest of snowstorms.

We always maintain a considerable stockpile of salt to insure it is available when needed.

During a snow or ice event all of our customers can reach us any time of the day or night if they have a problem or otherwise need assistance.

Burlap Landscape Covering

Burlap covering is used to prevent salt and other unwanted chemicals from entering your plants roots systems during the winter months. If you have sensitive shrubbery close to paved surfaces such as a city street, this process will ensure that the plants stay healthy after a long winter. Experts at DeLong Landscaping will ensure that covering is sturdy and will handle wind, salt, and unwanted chemicals.


Core aeration is strongly recommended to everyone that wants their lawn to be healthy and looking great. Our aeration service involves removing a 3” plug of soil from your turf around every 16sq/inches. This reduces the unwanted soil compaction, enriches and enables your turf to grow thicker and healthier roots, resulting in a thick green lawn.Soil compaction is the number on harm on a healthy lawn. If nutrience, water and sunlight can’t reach the root system of your lawn, the turf wont be healthy and wont grow to its fullest potential. Core aeration is a service that can benefit your lawn year round. We recommend having the service performed during the spring or fall fertilizer treatments, seeding/over seeding process.


Sod, Seeding and Over Seeding

Whether you need only part of your lawn repaired or want a complete lawn makeover, Delong Landscaping has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done and to do it right.  DeLong Landscaping can design and execute a plan to make your lawn the greenest on the block.

Over Seeding: Over seeding is the best way to keep your lawn green and thick. Delong Landscaping will first aerate your lawn to enrich the soil and alleviate soil compaction, spread a thin layer of organic material, and then spread a thick later of premium seed.

Based on the acidity of your soil (pH) our experts will select a blend of hummus or lime to best achieve a healthy green lawn. We will also select a grass blend to best fit your current lawn using Kentucky Blue grass, Rye Grass, and/or Bent Grass.


Sod Installation: Installation of new sod yields a perfect, instant lawn. Whether it is a complete sod installation for a new lawn or filling in a present lawn when both clients want fast results, sod is the way to go, with most projects being able to finish within the day.DeLong Landscaping always makes sure to lay sod the right way the first time. We will come out and survey the land for any drainage issues that can be solved before lawn is set. If necessary we will regrade and excavate the soil to make sure there is proper water drainage from the house and a healthy environment for grass to grow.  We then rake out any large rocks and other debris that might diminish the root growth process and rototil the soil and mix in a fresh layer of black top soil. When preparation is complete we lay the sod in tight nit patterns to ensure no lines will be shown when grass grows together. After we are done laying the sod we then clean up and edge, and trim all paved areas and garden beds to make it look like the lawn has been their forever.

Seeding: Seeding is more cost-effective then laying new sod and the outcome of proper seeding can look just as good. Seeding a new lawn just takes time, patience, and expertise.

The first step of every seeding job is to prepare the ground and make sure the yard has the proper soil compaction properties. Then we lay a layer of black topsoil down across the entire area. Then we lay the first layer of slow germinating seed down and rake it in to the soil. After that we water soil we get a nice moistened mixture. On top of that we apply a layer fast germinating seed for quick grass growth. Once again we rake the seed in the soil and water.

Remember, proper watering practices are beneficial and crucial to any newly seeded lawn. If not watered correctly, the seed wont germinate.

Landscape Design and Installation


DeLong Landscaping offers professional landscape design services. We start off by meeting the client at the job site to discuss their wants and desires for their landscape.Whether we are designing a brick paver deck for a pool with an outdoor kitchen and a full landscape renovation, or just a small annual bed along their walkway, we have the tools and expertise to complete any job.

After the initial consultation, our experts will go over all the details of the customer’s design and layout requests and property survey to create a rough landscaping plan.

After the rough drawing is complete, we then meet with the customer to discuss what changes should be made and go ahead with the final drawing. If the customer wants to install the landscape themselves designs can be purchased. If DeLong Landscaping will be providing installation services as-well then installation will commence.

Retaining Walls and Brick Pavers


DeLong Landscaping knows the value of good workmanship and a quality product. We use only the highest quality brick pavers in our retaining walls and pathways. Whether you want a rustic flagstone pathway to an out door fire pit, a modern bluestone walkway as the centerpiece to your front door, or a nice tumbled paver driveway with a matching walkway, DeLong Landscaping understands each clients wants, needs and aspirations to make the final product impeccable.Retaining walls offer a shape to the landscape while adding depth and style into your curb appeal of your property. By changing drainage paths retaining walls and pavers can add tremendous value to your home while helping the ergonomics of your property.

Irrigation Systems

With more property owners installing irrigation systems than ever before, it can be extremely difficult to get prompt, dependable maintenance and repair. Delong Landscaping can design, install and maintain a custom irrigation system for your property.

We offer spring start up, mid summer check up, and a fall blow out and shut down packages to ensure you aren’t wasting water, your system isn’t leaking, and the proper precipitation rates are present.

It is very important when installing the system to customize it to your specific landscape requirements. An automatic sprinkl er system will keep your entire landscape lush and green saving you both time and water. An underground irrigation system designed by Delong Landscaping will ensure your landscape will receives the right amount of water at the right time — automatically.

Bed Maintenance

Keeping shrubbery and annual beds well groomed and weed free can make a major statement to the curb appeal of your property.

Our bed maintenance program consists of 1 to 2 major pruning and mulching sessions per season. This is then followed up with monthly visits for weeding, clean up, and inspection for any problems that may occur such as insects or diseases.

Seasonal Lighting

There is nothing more heart warming and inviting than outdoor Christmas lighting. There is also nothing more bone-chilling than putting up or taking down the lights when the weather turns cold.That’s where we come in. Let us work with you to design and create an outdoor wonderland that you can enjoy throughout the holidays, without agonizing over the installing or taking down the lights at the end of the season.

Outdoor holiday lighting is becoming very popular so it is important to start planning early to insure the lights are installed in the time frame you require.

001-5Mulch Installation

Includes bed edging, weeding, bed prep, and general cleaning. Pruning plants and planting annuals are recommend during the mulch install for cleaner results.

-Triple Shred Hardwood
-Dark Brown
-Cedar Bark
-Double Shred Hardwood
-Cypress Mulch
-Clean Woodchips
-Certified Play ground mulch
-Red, Black, Brown and Gold DECO Mulch