At DeLong Landscaping, Commercial lawn maintenance is an art. We don’t just cut grass, trim hedges, and push snow around. We treat each property like a piece of artwork. Making and keeping it healthy and looking beautiful.

We lay golf coarse style stripes and designs in grass, trim hedges leaving clean and crisp lines. DeLong Landscaping is your full-service property maintenance contractor that makes your property look beautiful. We go above and beyond each client’s requirements and standards for both quality of work and job site cleanliness.

Delong Landscaping conducts a complete and thorough review of all aspects of each property. We look at irrigation, plant problems, turf care, design issues and renovation needs in order to develop a comprehensive, long-term plan that still fits each client’s budget. This comprehensive planning approach assists with future planning and budgeting and relieves you from the burden of chasing down another landscaping company for each project.

DeLong Landscaping offers unparalleled customer service, fast response times and employees with clean trucks and uniforms.

Commercial Maintenance

DeLong Landscaping offers maintenance programs to suit the needs of each individual company’s needs. Each contract describes every aspect of a custom maintenance plan and describes our obligations to make sure every task is done and done properly.

Our full service program includes fertilization, weed control, turf mowing, trimming with extremely crisp edges on all paved surfaces, pruning shrubbery, precise irrigation control and check ups to maintain proper watering rates as the seasons change. We can also install ran sensors to save money on water bills. Our full service maintenance program will includes spring clean up at the start of the year and fall leaf removal each week to make sure your property always looks flawless and well groomed. Weekly bed maintenance included in the program if mulch is ordered when contract is signed at beginning of the year.

Our regular maintenance program includes turf mowing, trimming around all areas inaccessible to mowers, edging all paved areas and pruning shrubbery. This program is involves weekly service and maintains all general aspects of your property in a clean and precise manor.

Snow Removal and Ice Management

Snow removal is a critical service that must be managed well. If not, it can be costly both in terms of consumer experience and actual snow/ice expense including insurance and legal claims.

DeLong Landscaping has significant experience in managing these contracts with a local supply chain of qualified vendors. We will work with you to design a program that aligns with your business requirements; we often recommend a “Per Event” structure as the best trade-off of service and cost control. As a local company our customers can expect only the best, on time service by having lower trigger depths, and faster snow clearing ability with top of the line equipment. DeLong Landscaing has a dedicated staff on call 24/7 during every snow storm.

Power Washing

When potential customers visit your commercial property, you always want your property to look good and be in tip-top shape. When a customer sees weathered brick or dirty cement, they get an impression of a poor, run-down service.

DeLong Landscaping offers apower wash cleaning service. We use high pressure, minimally abrasive water sloution to clean the surface of your building, awning, walkways (cement ,brick pavers ,stamped concrete, any paved surface) and make it look new. DeLong Landscaping uses state of the art equipment and biodegradable chemicals to assure a high quality, environmentally appearance.

We are able to provide service on a one-time call basis or set up a scheduled maintenance program to ensure that your business continues to look its best at all times. Work can be scheduled for after hours so that your normal business activities are not effected.

Turf Renovation

Healthy, green turf requires more than regular mowing, fertilizing and irrigating. DeLong Landscaping provides turf renovation services to improve soil conditions and ensure beautiful turf over the long term.

Turf Aeration- Regular aeration helps overcome compaction stresses by improving water and air movement into the soil, increasing beneficial microbial activity that is essential to rooting depth. It also reduces the formation of thatch.

Slice Seeding- Over time, grass may thin out due to shade and weed pressure. Annual slice seeding mechanically inserts grass seed into the soil and helps maintain desirable turf density and minimize the invasion of weedy grasses.

Topdressing- Adding sand and organic matter over the top of existing turf after aeration provides a cover for over seeding, aids drainage, improves soil conditions over time and firms up and evens out grass areas.

To learn more about our turf services contact us today for our commercial turf renovation services.

Other Services

These other commercial cervices are also available:

-Spraying Cracks and weeds
-Debris removal off site
-Perimeter Cleaning
-Moss control
Complete Landscape Design and Build
Irrigation Systems
Brick Pavers and Retaining Walls
-Annual Beds Planted