Many companies provide landscaping services. Some sell plants, others mow grass, some install water features and spread mulch. Many these companies do a good job on a single project basis. However it’s not their mission to envision your landscape at its full potential, to increase the value of your property, or to develop a long-term relationship with their clients.

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Owner, Jason DeLong, with his first commercial lawn mower 9 years ago.

Delong Landscaping is here to develop a long term relationship with each client stretching from design all the way to the maintenance and health of each landscape. We do this by offering full service landscape design and maintenance. We have trained professionals for every aspect of any job. Read more on our services page. Delong Landscaping is in business for the long hall. We offer a full range of landscaping products and services to a client base that values quality work and a professional staff.

Delong Landscaping works on projects big and small. We are uniquely prepared to do much more than a single one-off job. We offer full-service maintenance contracts to keep your landscape looking its best.

Delong Landscaping has professionals in landscape design, construction and maintenance. We invest in the talent and equipment necessary to create and maintain landscapes that mirror the lifestyles and unique tastes of discriminating clients while adding distinction and value to their properties.


DeLong Landscaping wouldn’t be here without the proud and hardworking owner Jason DeLong. Jason started mowing lawns when he was 12 years old with one customer and his father’s 21 inch lawn mower. His single client contract work has since grown into Delong Landscaping, a full-service landscaping company.

Landscaping isn’t just a business for Mr. DeLong, it’s a hobby. He loves making properties look beautiful by designing each and every landscape with care and pride.

DeLong Landscaping has provided top-notch landscaping services for 6 years in Birmingham and surrounding areas.